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Image by Alexandria Vail Photography

Hello Friends! I’m Savanna, owner and photographer at Savanna Morgret Photography in wild and wonderful Romney, West Virginia. I’m a wife (to my very best friend and the most incredible father), a momma (to two precious little girls and a handsome little guy), and a storyteller (through my photographs). 










These are a few of my favorite things:


Frank Sinatra, Lauren Daigle, & Ed Sheeran (don't judge me)

Gouda Grits (specifically from The Fish House in Pensacola, FL)

Cereal for dinner...or left over Gouda Grits (preferably cold)

Sitting on the banks of the South Branch with a good book

Watching women become mothers (there's nothing better than an empowered birth)

Camping/floating/exploring (especially on the South Branch of the Potomac)

Snuggling babies (they smell so good...)


Molten Chocolate Lava Cake/hot fudge/chocolate moose/chocolate


...and of course, Photographing ALL. THE. THINGS (but mostly bellies, babies, and families)


The concept behind The Silver Storyteller Brand is simple, yet took me many years to realize. In 2011, fresh out of college, I embarked on a journey to become a doula. I found my passion in helping families find their strength and promoting education in pregnancy and birth. It was through those experiences in the birth room that provoked me to pick up a camera and document the raw strength and pure bliss of what it is to become a mother (and a family). Supporting and empowering women in the childbirth process led me to photography. I found that just as knowledge and love in a birth environment can promote self-reliance in women, from behind my camera I could help women find confidence with kind words and encouragement. I fell in love. Women don't always know their strength or their beauty. I made it my mission to ensure that every woman that I supported and that stepped in front of my camera would know theirs! I know that mission to be even more relevant and important today! Upon moving back to Pensacola, FL (from central CA) I knew it was time to get my photography business back up and running. In California, I owned a successful brick and mortar studio in our little downtown, and was fortunate to have the love and support of my community. Starting over seemed scary, but I’ve never let fear stop me from getting things done. I wanted a fresh start, but before I could begin on this new chapterI knew I had to reevaluate what I was hoping to accomplish in this new season. I needed to figure out what my new "why" was. It's always been there of course, but I needed to dig it out and set it at the fore front of my mind.  Then it occurred to me. More than anything, I love to tell my client’s stories. My childhood was incredible, but I have a handful of images from those times. I want my client’s children (and grandchildren) to look back at the photographs that I’ve created for their family and be brought back to a memory…a smell, a feeling, a song. I want them to see that image and remember the love, laughter, and joy that they had. I want them to relive their story, or retell it to their children.


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? While I love words and flourish, I’ve realized my passion for storytelling comes from behind my camera. I hope to be able to tell your family’s story for years to come. As a full service photographer, I can create beautiful heirlooms for your family to pass down for generations. From custom Italian leather bound albums to fine art Hahnemuhle prints and everything in between, you can count on Savanna Morgret Photography and The Silver Storyteller Brand to make your vision a reality. 

But wait, there's more...

As your doula, I'll be there every step of the way to ensure you and your partner have the confidence and knowledge to make the best choices for your birth (and beyond). I'll help you realize your inner strength, process your wonderings, and ensure you have the most up to date evidenced based information at your fingertips! 

Bigger and better things are yet to come as we settle our family back home in Romney, WV. I'm in the thick of finishing up my mortuary degree and apprenticeship, so bear with me as I navigate all that, plus momma duties! 

Photo Credit:

first row first image: Mandy Jester Photography

second row second image: Shelby Blanton Photography

center image: Holly Tye

{Thank you, beauties!}



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