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Counting my blessings

Owning your own business is an incredible opportunity, and a HUGE undertaking. In California, I owned Savanna Morgret Birth Services & Photography {a mouthful, right?} I had a successful, bright, beautiful downtown studio, AMAZING clients, a friendly photographer community {for the most part} , and so many opportunities to learn and grow {which I took advantage of as often as I could}. SMBSP, as I abbreviated it, was a dream come true...but it was just a chapter in my grand scheme. When my husband received orders back to Pensacola, I knew opportunities would present themselves, and that I would need to find a path off the road that I had already paved.

Let me tell you about how I got to where I am in this moment. Firstly, I was beyond THRILLED that we were coming back to Pensacola. We lived here from 2011-2013 and LOVED every. single. minute of it. This place is relaxed as it is beautiful, and I have long been able to imagine raising our babies here. So, we get orders and naturally I start dreaming about what's next for our family, how I will grow my business, and how frequently I can legitimately get away with having gouda grits from The Fish House and not gain 50 pounds. So much to process, but so grateful for having to do it.

I knew I had to sell what I had built in Hanford. My studio was perfect. So much love, sweat, and handwork went into making it what it is, and I wanted to share that with someone that would appreciate it as much as I did. So, I stashed away what I would need to start back up {8 bins of stuff later}, and sold my full service studio to THE MOST AMAZING woman/photographer/way paver in the Valley {check out her work at}. Sonia was not only an answer to a prayer, but over time became an amazing friend. If only I could have packed her in my camera bag and brought her with me. I digress.

So, having what I needed stashed in storage totes, we made our way to Pensacola, FL. I arrived here with the intention of taking some time off to get settled, enjoy coastal living, and the occasional{-ly frequent} cocktail on the beach. Unfortunately, once we had the boxes unpacked, and a routine established, I realized there was no way I couldn't get back to it. All the while I had been scoping out possible brick and mortar locations for my studio. The thing is, renting in downtown Pensacola is VERY EXPENSIVE. I knew what I wanted, but there would be NO WAY I was going to be able to afford to have that in the location that I wanted. So, I started searching for investment properties in the area that might work. The great thing about Pensacola is that it is very much undergoing an amazing revival. In the 5 years that we were gone, this place has grown up so much. It's ABSOLUTELY amazing. Walking downtown on a Tuesday afternoon with buzzing streets, yummy smells, and happy lunch breakers is really cool. I hadn't experienced that since college in Morgantown.

So, buy a house on the outskirts of downtown...cause it's growing, right? Well, yea, maybe, but that was very permanent, and if you know me, you know that I like options. A permanent property in one spot on this gorgeous Gulf Coast didn't give my clients the convenience that they need. So, I took a pause. I prayed about the next "thing," and I gave it all a rest.

Then, one day I stumbled across a studio spotlight on Moxie Photography on the Design Aglow blog. The idea was so fresh, and absolutely novel to me (unfortunately, for all of you who think what a great idea The Silver Storyteller is, I routinely let people that I cannot take credit). I did some research and learned that there are actually very few photographers that use this model. There are up and coming photo booth trailers that are sprinkled throughout the US {which we will be tapping into, as well}, but no too many portable studios.

Airstream travel trailers are American icons. They are part of that American dream that so many people clung to during the mid 20th century. The ability to load up and go on an adventure was such an exciting concept, and one that people still hold on to today. The classic Airstream trailer is a part of so many fond memories for so many people in the decades that it has been around, and my vision for what I do for families was put into words {actual words, not just feelings} when I discovered the idea of a portable Airstream studio. You think I'm nuts...but I promise I'm not...{well not too nuts, at least}.

I love what I do. I love making dads cry {cause let's be honest, it's easy to make a momma cry when she's looking at images of her little ones}, I love when clients hug me and thank me {when really I'm hugging them and thanking them for the honor of having had their trust}, and I love knowing that my clients will always have tangible memories of their little ones, their lovers, their memories, for years to come. In discovering the Airstream mobile photography studio concept, I realized I needed to put onto paper what my business plan and foundation would be. I realized that I am a storyteller, and that having the ability to bring my studio with me allows me to provide a boutique experience while still having the freedom to be where I need to be when I need to be there.

So. It was done. I had to have one. So began the arduous task of figuring this whole Airstream world out {and believe me when I tell you that there is a WORLD OF AIRSTREAM}. There are forums, groups, clubs, and thousands {maybe millions} of people, who like those during the early Airstream days, love the idea behind what the Airstream trailer provides: freedom to adventure. There is a sense of simplicity when you are able to just get up and go. A real grit and honest interpretation of what memory making is about. So again, I had to have one. This is the future of my photographic career. To be able to go, to be able to document REAL LIFE, REAL EMOTIONS, REAL FEELS.

So, I called around, searched the internet for weeks, called around some more, and finally found the one. A sparkling 1978 Airstream Sovereign in none other than....drumroll please... the Sunshine State! The day I found it, I claimed it and filed with the Secretary of State to become an LLC. Since I've already written a book, I will spare you with the rest of the boring details. Except this, because it's worth being mentioned. I spent 3 weeks trying to find the right company to carry insurance for this venture. I'm happy to report that I'm 100% covered and insured against anything you could possible imagine. It was a miserable process, but if you're a fellow Airstream business owner and need help finding the perfect coverage, send me a message and I'll help guide you if I can!

I digress,, The Silver Storyteller is officially paid for, I am an official LLC in the state of Florida, and I am LICENSED and INSURED so that I can provide my clients with THE BEST and most professional level of service. {insert look of relief now that everything is taken care of}

So, now what? WELL I'LL TELL YOU NOW WHAT.... tomorrow, we leave to pick up The Silver Storyteller {or just "Story" as I've been referring to her...cause naturally my trailer needs a name and personality}. I cannot wait to share with you some photos and updates. Keep watching my Facebook page for updates as our trip progresses!

Thanks for hanging in there. I'd love to hear from you, be sure to comment below!


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