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Little Gus Gus

After a long stay in his momma's belly (41 weeks+3), baby Gus Gus had a bit of a tough go starting out. But after 10 days working to get better, this sweet little man was able to go home with his sweet momma and proud daddy. I was lucky enough to get to know them both as the end of Lydia's (formerly known as momma) pregnancy drew near. Lydia is formerly a Belly to Cradle doula, and a phenomenal human. A fellow military spouse, she and her husband will be moving in the coming weeks to their next duty station. I was absolutely thrilled to get to know them both, and snuggle their beautiful little guy.

I learned some things along the way about little Gus Gus. The first was that he did not want to be left out of the party. He was wide awake for the first half of his session, and I loved every wide-eyed minute of it! You see, when a babe decides he's not sleepy during his newborn session, I don't panic. Some of the best images a photographer can capture are ones where those big, beautiful eyes are shining. Instead of forcing a baby to sleep (because let's face it, that's never turns out how we hope it will), I capitalize on those moments. We change the workflow and set to cater to babe.

Next, and this is common of babes who spend time in the NICU after birth, he was not a fan of being undressed and touched. Again, not a cause for panic. It certainly limits the squishy poses that we are able to achieve, but ultimately we must respect the needs and wants of our littlest clients. Gus Gus preferred to be wrapped tight, and in situations like that we just make the most of what we have. I am extremely happy with how sweet and snuggly he looks in his photos.

Finally, and this isn't really surprising, he LOVED his momma's milk. He was content as could be nursing with momma, and we took advantage of those precious moments as well. Many times during newborn sessions, mommas hesitate when I ask if they'd like photographs of them nursing their babes. In most cases, I can convince them to at least allow me to capture one. I will never share a private image without permission, but as my husband likes to say to me, "It's better to have it and not need it, then need it (or want it) and not have it." So, when you see your images of you nursing your tiny baby in those early days, you may decide you don't want it. But in 100% of the sessions I've done where I've captured that, a momma always chooses at least one of those sweet photos to commemorate that precious time!

Thank you to the DeCastra Family for allowing me to capture your beautiful boy!


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