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Saving Grace

The beautiful momma you're about to see in the next set of images is someone my family loves very much (Christian, you're pretty cool, too!) I met Niquela about this time last year. I was in my first trimester and EXTREMELY sick. My youngest at the time was on a wait list for preschool, my husband was working long hours, and I was more or less useless. I needed help!

Enter Niq...

She swooped in as a mommy helper/nanny/superhero and picked up where I was falling short. Thanks to her, we had clean {FOLDED} laundry, T had a playmate and actual meals during the day to eat, and I was able to sleep off my morning sickness. She truly was my saving grace, and I am so blessed to have found her. She has been part of our family ever since, and we will be so sad when she and her husband move away.

The #USNavy has a way of reuniting us, though, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Until we have to say goodbye, I'm going to soak in as much time as I can with her and her precious little guy (upon his arrival.) Niquela, you are an angel. I've told you that many times, and I'll say it again. Thank you!

Did I mention how much fun we had...these two were hilarious! It's so nice to capture real people, being totally themselves. Nothing is more authentic than that! <3 I know Niq and Christian will love these goofy images as much as the "serious" and "pretty" images <3


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