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Simply Santa | Pensacola Santa Portraits

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Guys! I'm totally blasting my #FrankSinatraHoliday on my Pandora radio today! It's the last day of July, and I just can't help myself. After today, it will be a grueling 3 months until I play that station again, mainly cause I don't wanna spoil the season. If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE ME SOME CHRISTMAS. I go over the top with decorating, EVERY. YEAR. I am a total sucker for our family's Christmas traditions...typical. I make a mean green bean casserole, and my turkey is always on point. We play "A Christmas Story" on loop on Christmas Eve, and finish the night with a candlelight service. I love the season of wonder and awe that celebrating the birth of our Savior brings.

I am in the thick of motherhood. My babies are still young, and their births are still vivid memories. Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning since they came into our lives. I mean, can you imagine the difficulties of the journey that Mary must have encountered? I could hardly stand to spend a couple of hours in a car during my third trimester, let alone ride on a mule for days. Then to endure labor and birth in a dirty manger... I cannot imagine, but I am sure grateful for her love and faith.

Mary has become one of my heroes as I've journeyed through motherhood, and the birth of Christ is my favorite story of Jesus second only to the Resurrection. We teach our children the true meaning of the season of course, making it the center around which we celebrate. We also love the tradition of Santa Claus {Saint Nicholas} however, and our girls are very much in the age of believing. We use the Santa Claus tradition to teach our girls about selfless giving, compassion, and kindness.

Today, I'm celebrating the last day of #ChristmasinJuly {only 21 weeks & 1 day until Christmas} by sharing more fun images from this season's Limited Edition "Simply Santa Sessions." Instead of the rushed stress of Santa photos at the mall {I always think of that scene from "A Christmas Story," } bring your little ones by to enjoy some quiet one on one time where they'll be able to share milk & cookies*, read a short story, and chat about their Christmas wishes. You'll skip the chaos and lines and instead be able to sit back, relax, and soak in the sweet moments shared by your kiddos and the Big Guy himself!

Click here to reserve your spot today! Today is the LAST DAY to use the promo code CHRISTMASINJULY to get $25 off your session fee!

One thing I've learned over the last 6 years is that there is a lesson in just about everything that surrounds us. As a child, Santa Claus was just a jolly dude that delivered the presents. For my babies, I want him to be a representation of goodness, happy memories, and an example of how we should all be...year round. I want the Christmas season to be a reminder not only of the joyous gift we have all received in the birth of Jesus Christ, but also that the joy we share through giving and kindness should be maintained and spread year round. No matter what Santa is for your family, these sessions are sure to be remembered for years to come!

Once again, Click here to reserve your spot today! Today is the LAST DAY to use the promo code CHRISTMASINJULY to get $25 off your session fee! Merry ChristmasInJuly!

*If your child has allergies, you may wish to bring a substitute for the milk and cookies snack provided


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